Does My Blog Look Good in This (DMBLGiT), Sept 2015

DMBLGiT – short for Does My Blog Look Good in This, is a community-run food photography contest that was established in 2005 – 10 years ago. In 2014, LFP “acquired” this food photography contest from Andrew who was running this contest for several years. dmblgit

This month’s event is going to be judged by my favorite trio – Ilva, Simi, and Sophia.

Ilva Barettta is a famous food photographer who lives in the heart of Tuscany. Ilva’s photography inspires many like me.

Simi Jois is the food photographer and blogger behind Turmeric N Spice, who lives in Chicago. Her vibrant, colorful, sometimes moody images never fail to amaze people across the world.

Sophia Terra-Ziva is the food photographer and blogger behind An Ode to, who lives in Sydney. Sophia’s work is unique and different. You’ll gaze at her work for hours and think – “what the artist was thinking”.


Do not forget the deadline – 20th Sept, 12 midnight(CST).

Criterion for judging:

  • Aesthetics: composition, food styling, lighting, focus, etc.
  • Edibility: “does the photo make us want to dive in and eat the food?”
  • Originality: the photograph that catches our attention and makes us want to say “wow!”, displaying something we might not have seen before.
  • Overall Winner: top overall scores in all three categories combined.


Contest Rules

  1. Only one entry per person. One photograph. No diptychs.
  2. The photo must have been taken and posted during the month of August 2015
  3. This goes without saying but I will say it anyway – you must have taken this photograph and should have copyrights to this photo.
  4. Entries must be received by 20th of the month at midnight C.S.T (Chicago time) (customize the time for your timezone) using all requirements described in the photo requirements section.

Photo Submission Requirements

  1. Send your photos at an attachment to AND my email ( with Subject “Submission for DMBLGiT [Month and Year]″. It is critical that subject of the email matched exactly to what’s mentioned above. You will receive an email confirmation of submission. If you don’t receive any email, please contact me at
  2. Include this information in your photo submission
    1. Your full name
    2. Your blog name and URL
    3. Title of your photograph
    4. URL to blogpost where submitted photo is posted
    5. Agreement from you agreeing to let us display your photo on host website, and DMBLGiT contest gallery. We won’t use your photo for any other purpose outside DMBLGiT.
  3. Important: File format needs to be jpeg format and longest size should be no longer than 500 pixels. This means for horizontal or landscape format max 500 px width and for vertical or portrait format max 500 px height.
  4. Photo must not have any text.

Essential DMBLGiT Links

  1. About DMBLGiT Link –
  2. Participant Information and FAQs



9 thoughts on “Does My Blog Look Good in This (DMBLGiT), Sept 2015”

  1. Hi Hina,

    Since this is a food photography contest that encourages food blogging, this rule is to make sure the photo submitted in the contest is taken in the previous month and is posted on your blog/weblog in that month.

    So for Sept DMBLGiT, photo should be taken in Aug and posted on the blog in Aug.

    Hope this helps.

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