Fish Chop/Kebab

World of Tuna

Early Saturday morning conversation between my mom and me : Me: Ma, what should I cook this weekend? Mom: What do you have? (I gave her a list of the things in my pantry and freezer.) Mom: Why don’t you make fish chops this week. She used to make fish chop when someone came to our … Continue reading World of Tuna

turkey meatballs in tomato sauce

Turkey in tomato

Early December, I got an email from a famous food editor by saying that she is giving some book away. I should come and see her. Who does not want free book and specially if it’s cook book. I saw her and we spoke about indian food and recipes. She asked me what sort of … Continue reading Turkey in tomato

Egg Roll or chicken egg wrap

Evening with egg roll

A decade back in 2003, I used to go to Park Circus  for my coaching classes. There was a roll corner next to my coaching class. I did not get a picture of that corner then, but I will when I will visit Kolkata again. They used to carry out it so seamless that I used to … Continue reading Evening with egg roll

Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd with spicy twist

I am coming from a tropical country where the temperature is 100F  a major portion of the year. My mum used to make this a lot during summer time. She says it helps to purify the blood and decreases blood sugar. I did or do not have blood sugar – but still she used to … Continue reading Bitter Gourd with spicy twist