Mustard Shrimp in Banana Leaves

Past week was very stressful for both of us. One of our close colleague’s wife passed away suddenly. We both were very upset and shocked. But life moves on and so do work. I was working hard for a deadline, which is due this week. So every day, I am working 9:30-6:30. After coming home … Continue reading Mustard Shrimp in Banana Leaves

Fish Paturi

Fish Paturi – ma style

If you have not tried this authentic Bengali dish you are missing a lot.  (Go to link to see a wiki page of the best Bengali dishes.  My mom learnt this recipe and then perfected it after a lot of trial and error.  She makes it with shrimp, chicken and even paneer.  But her best is with fish, especially hilsha and … Continue reading Fish Paturi – ma style

Zucchini patty for burger

Did I mention before food at my work cafe sucks totally? They don’t charge a lot, but they are really really bad!! I wonder some times how on the earth they can make so much bad food. I could barely eat  from there!  Even if I can get something to eat from there, I get … Continue reading Zucchini patty for burger

Veg pulao


“Moving” – the word itself explains so many memories with it. I moved quite a few times in last four years. First time, I moved to Buffalo, NY to pursue Masters in Computer Science Aug 14th,2010. I shared a broken three bedroom apartment with two other Bengali girls. The apartment was filthy, and windows were … Continue reading Moving…