Denmark Travel Guide – Part I – Ribe

Over the span of three years we noticed that we DO NOT like place hopping. So, this year we decided to stick to 3 places only; in that way we enjoy more. We reached Copenhagen on 19th May, we stayed 20th-22nd in Odense, 23rd-24th in Ribe and 25-26th back in Copenhagen. In this post, I am going to cover Ribe as we loved this place the most {I want to buy a house there in future, so guess how much we loved!}.


We drove from Odense to Ribe which is basically  an hour and 30 minutes scenic drive. A scene from our drive ~

Where we stayed:

We stayed in Hotel Dagmar. You can clearly see the vintage decoration and crooked rooms here as the hotel was built in 1581. It’s right next to Ribe Cathedral, a 5-minute walk from the Ribe Kunstmuseum and a 6-minute walk from Ribe train station. 

Some photographs of this unique hotel ~

Where we ate:

Despite our hotel had a restaurant (the photo above), we ate in places suggested by Lonely Planet.

Lunch : Both lunch joints Photo1 : Restaurant Kolvig & Photo 2: Restaurant Sælhunden (known for their Smørrebrød) provide Gluten Free options.

Dinner :

For two days at a row (including my birthday dinner on 23rd) we ate at Weis Stue Restaurant as we loved their hearty meat dishes and hot soups.

Rustic decor of Weis Stue

Where to shop:

Temper Chokolade : Must buy chocolate!

Ribe is full with small shops and local artisans. We purchased a few woolen goodies (a handmade scarf and socks), and a few vintages from a small vintage store there.

What to look

Night watchman tour – a 45 minutes long (FREE) tour in Danish and English where you walk in historic lanes of Ribe with this man to learn the history of Ribe. It starts from Restaurant Weis Stue. As sun sets here around 10 pm this is quite enjoyable.

The tour guide – the night watchman himself ~

We loved the Ribe Cathedral and some photographs from there ~

{I went a bit overboard with light and shadow}

Flowers of Ribe – I follow the trails of flowers ~

Some photos of Ribe from our relaxing walks~

It was not easy to leave Ribe!

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  1. Beautiful photos and blog, Dolphia!! Awesome job as usual. Miss your cooking blog posts though:).. Throw in one or two of them when you have time!

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