Cambridge Walk IV (Fall Color) and leaving Facebook

I am leaving Facebook. My friends asked ‘What do you mean?’ Some wondered ‘Why?’ I will start with the ‘why’. Why? I am 31 years old so I have more life ahead of me. I need to do something meaningful with my life rather than researching on other people’s life. So I have decided to stop … Continue reading Cambridge Walk IV (Fall Color) and leaving Facebook


Berkshires – New England Fall Color # 2

With this post, my Berkshires dairy – 2016 will end. New England is known for it’s fall color. We visited Acadia, Maine, NH but Berkshires stole our heart. Every year we visit Berkshires and I feel like I am living in heaven. These are my photos from last year. I am writing a short list … Continue reading Berkshires – New England Fall Color # 2


Bengali Sweets

A collection of super simple, homemade, organic and delicious Bengali sweets… Strawberry Sondesh Pineapple Sondesh Homemade yogurt (sweet) and fruits Mango Yogurt – Aam Doi (no oven method) Dudh Puli – Sweet Coconut Dumplings in thick milk cream Jaggery Rasgulla Gulab Jamuns Kacha Golla – Sweet soft cheese balls Ras-malai – Cheese Balls in milk syrup … Continue reading Bengali Sweets